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What You Need to Know About Pole Barns

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What You Need to Know About Pole BarnsIf you’re looking into new construction for your property, consider pole barns as an option. Pole barns are post-frame construction buildings supported by poles or square columns. Their durability should not be underestimated because they can withstand extreme weather easily.

Simple Construction

Concrete foundations are costly components of most buildings. However, pole barns do not require foundations. Instead, they are supported by poles or columns that are set deep in the ground and then secured with concrete. This characteristic allows pole barns to be built in practically any location, regardless of the ground type. Pole barns are also easier and faster to construct than other buildings, an advantage which is helpful for people who are short on time.

Insulation and Ventilation

Regardless of a building’s function, it should be properly insulated and ventilated. Because of the wide spacing between poles or columns, pole barns provide sufficient insulation because there are few thermal breaks. Additionally, the design of this structure offers excellent ventilation.


Because of the lack of framing and foundation that is incorporated in other buildings, pole barns utilize less materials than other buildings. The fewer the materials needed for construction, the less expensive the project will be.


Pole barns can serve many purposes. For homeowners, they can be used as workshops, stables, garages, or storage spaces. They can also function as offices or warehouses for business owners.

Pole barns are flexible buildings that offer many benefits, and they are attractive additions that increase property value. If pole barn construction services appeal to you then call Omni Builders. We are experienced pole barn construction professionals who exhibit high-quality workmanship to construct your new building.

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