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Lean-To Ideas For Southeast Michigan

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lean-to-shedPeople have constructed lean-tos for various purposes for a long time. They are either built against another building or as a stand-alone structure. Today, they are most commonly built as a stand-alone structure but there are still times when the true form of a lean-to comes in handy.

Lean-tos are used for a lot of different things. As southeast Michigan builders, our crew has built the lean-to structure for various uses. One thing to keep in mind when you think of a lean-to, it is entirely different from a metal carport or shed. Instead, they are more like a pole building rather than a tin-can frame. Here are some different ways people use this simple but very functional structure.

Let’s Look At How Lean-Tos Are Different From Sheds

A lean-to isn’t always completely enclosed. One or more walls will be missing or a wall will be shared with another structure like the house. The roof usually overhangs the structure instead of ending at a standard shed roof line. Lean-tos have been used as camping and hunting shelters for a long time. But they are commonly constructed for other purposes today. Here’s what our team of professionals can tell you about different variations.

Lean-To Barns

Lean-to barns are an important structure for raising animals. A horse or the goats need to be able to get out of the wind, rain, sun, and other elements. A lean-to would be constructed in the pasture as a windbreak for the animals. You can’t keep them in the barn all winter without exercise, so the lean-to solves the problem.

Lean-To Garden Sheds

If you love to garden, a lean-to may be the perfect shed. If you leave one of the longer walls open, you have the perfect shelter for potting seedlings. Make it functional with some custom features like a raised table for potting plants, custom garden tool hangers, and an outdoor sink for washing the dirt off your fresh vegetables.

Lean-To Garages

A lean-to can be built for your vehicle. Generally, it’s only going to be big enough for one car or truck. This is the ideal structure if you need a three-car garage but only have a two-car garage. You can always use it for something different when your teen who just got their driver’s license grows up and moves away.

Lean-To Tool Sheds

A lean-to tool shed creates a shelter for your garden tools and any outdoor equipment. The structure can easily be built right up against the house. This is called a lean-to shelter. It basically leans against your house or garage but has three solid walls and a sloping roof. This structure is common to protect the entrance of a building.

Stand-alone lean-tos are a little more complicated but may be what you need if you want to park your riding mower inside. It can be built large enough to house all your outdoor tools, sporting equipment, and seasonal items.

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